Behçet's Syndrome

  • Hasan Yazici
  • Yusuf Yazici


The prevalence of Behçet's syndrome is highest in countries of the eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East, and East Asia. Aphthous oral ulcers are usually the first and most persistent clinical feature of Behçet's syndrome. Aphthous ulcers also occur frequently on the genitals (e.g., the scrotum or vulva). Uveitis — most frequently a bilateral panuveitis is common in Behçet's syndrome. Eye disease constitutes a major source of morbidity. Many forms of central nervous system disease may occur in Behçet's syndrome. These include dural sinus thrombi and white matter lesions in the midbrain and brainstem. Unlike other vasculitides, however, peripheral nervous system disease is rare. HLA-B51 is a risk factor for Behçet's syndrome.


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