Varicocelectomy (I)

  • Job K. Chacko
  • Al Baha Barqawi
  • Jesse N. Mills
  • Martin A. Koyle


The adolescent varicocele is a common entity with an incidence of 15% to 16% at age 10 to 15 years.1,2 In the adult population, varicocele is a common entity among subfertile men and is thought to be a reversible cause of infertility.3 The primary indication for varicocele correction in adolescence is the presence of testicular “hypotrophy” of the testis ipsilateral to the varicocele. The correction of varicocele in adolescence has been shown to improve both atrophy of the testicle and semen parameters.4


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  • Al Baha Barqawi
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  • Jesse N. Mills
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  • Martin A. Koyle
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