Dental Applications of Bone Biology

  • Thomas W. Oates
  • David L. Cochran
Part of the Topics in Bone Biology book series (TBB, volume 3)


The teeth are implanted in depressions within alveolar bone and are surrounded by the periodontium which consists of bone, a suspensory ligament (the periodontal ligament), cementum on the root surface, and gingiva. In health, the bone tissue is located approximately 2 mm below the cementoenamel junction which separates the crown of the tooth and its root from the bone (Fig. 9.1). From a functional viewpoint, the periodontium is a unique, very dynamic and adaptable tissue. The periodontal ligament has one of the fastest turnover rates of connective tissue in the body and maintains its dimensions even if the teeth are moved or the ligament is regenerated. At the same time, the periodontium provides support for the tooth, resists biting forces, and, importantly, provides a seal around the tooth. It is important to recognize that the tooth is a solid structure that extends from inside the body to outside the body.


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