Application of SFEM to SHM: Simplified Damage Models

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Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a class of inverse problem wherein the state of structures requires to be determined using a predefined input and the measured output(s). In composite structures, delamination is the common type of failure. If the size of the delamination is very small, it results in negligible loss of stiffness and hence lower vibrational modes will be least affected. Hence, SHM studies require high frequency content inputs (loads) and SFEM provides a very efficient mathematical model for this purpose. The main requirements of SHM are simplified damage models and efficient damage detection studies. While the former is addressed in this chapter, the later is dealt with in the next chapter. In this chapter, various simplified damage models for single and multiple delaminations, fiber breakage, surface breaking cracks and degraded zones are formulated. Numerical examples are provided to show the wave scattering due to a crack front.


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