Tinnitus from the Perspective of a Patient

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In my wish to perhaps help others suffering from tinnitus and the constant ringing and hissing in both ears since March 16, 1996, I thought it would be appropriate to provide a historical background on how this intractable problem came about in my life. As those who are suffering from tinnitus, I am aware it is a symptom and not a disease and that it can be brought about from a number of variable causes that include: (l) use of excess alcohol, (2) caffeine, (3) aspirin in heavy doses, (4) certain mediations, (5) hardening of the arteries, (6) high blood pressure, (7) infection of the ear canal or eardrum, (8) Ménière’s disease (inner ear disorder), and (9) exposure to loud noise(s). In my particular case, the latter is the cause of my tinnitus.


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