Cutaneous Glial and Meningothelial Proliferations

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  • Chris H. Jokinen
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Glial and meningothelial proliferations of the skin are rare. In this chapter, nasal glioma (glial heterotopia), meningocele, and cutaneous meningioma are discussed. As a group, these lesions represent a spectrum of abnormalities related to abnormal closure of the neural tube or abnormal migration of neural crest cells during development; therefore, semantically some of them are not considered true neoplasms, but as ectopic or heterotopic cell nests which can be the origin of a neoplastic proliferation.


Cutaneous glial and meningothelial tumors Definition Classification Histogenesis Diagnostic features Differential diagnosis Heterotopic glial tissue Meningioma Meningocele Encephalocele 

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Cutaneous Meningioma

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