Nonneoplastic and Hamartomatous Lesions of the Cutaneous Peripheral Nerve

  • Zsolt ArgenyiEmail author
  • Chris H. Jokinen
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Nonneoplastic neural proliferations are among the most commonly encountered peripheral nerve sheath tumors in the skin. This chapter describes the various hamartomas (neuromas) and reparative or reactive proliferations that develop following nerve injury. In general, hamartomatous lesions of the skin constitute proliferations of each of the normal elements of the peripheral nerve fiber including Schwann cells, axons, perineurial cells, and endoneurial fibroblasts.


Non-neoplastic proliferations Hamartomas Benign tumors Classification Histogenesis Diagnostic features Differential diagnosis Spontain and traumatic neuromas Neuroma variants Reparative perineurial hyperplasia 

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