Duplicated Ureters and Ureteroceles

  • Christopher S. Cooper
Part of the Current Clinical Urology book series (CCU)


Ureteral duplications are a common anomaly, occurring in approx 1 in 125 people (1,2). Duplications are seen in patients of any age and in variable ways, including hydronephrosis detected on prenatal ultrasound, urinary tract infections (UTI), incontinence, and even urinary tract obstruction. Often a high index of suspicion must be maintained to diagnose ureteral duplication. The presence of multiple ureters requires a standard terminology to describe the patient’ s anatomy. The complexity of ureteral duplication anomalies is best understood using a basic background of normal ureteral embryology. Following a brief review of the terminology and embyrology, this chapter will discuss ureteral duplication, ureteroceles, and ectopic ureters.


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