Combined Modality Treatment of Small-Cell Lung Cancer

  • Julie R. Brahmer
  • Larry Kleinberg
  • David S. Ettinger
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Small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) accounts for approx 18–25% of the estimated 169,500 cases of lung cancer in 2001 (1,2). Most patients present with metastatic disease due to the aggressive nature of SCLC. SCLC is staged using a two-stage system identified by the Veterans Administration Lung Group (VALG). The VALG classified limited-stage disease (LD) as tumor limited to one hemithorax and its regional lymph nodes that can be encompassed by one radiation port. LD accounts for approx 40% of all SCLC cases. Extensive-stage disease (ED) is tumor spread beyond these boundaries (2). The presence of pleural effusions and/or supraclavicular lymphadenopathy have been considered LD by some investigators and ED by others.


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