Chebyshev Polynomials Associated with a System of Continua

  • Isaac DeFrainEmail author
Part of the Fields Institute Communications book series (FIC, volume 81)


We establish estimates from above for the uniform norm of the Chebyshev polynomials associated with a system of continua \(K \subset \mathbb {C}\) by constructing monic polynomials with small norms on K. The estimates are exact (up to a constant factor) in the case where K has a piecewise quasiconformal boundary and its complement \(\varOmega =\overline {\mathbb {C}} \setminus K\) has no outward pointing cusps.


Chebyshev polynomials Equilibrium measure Green’s function Quasiconformal curve System of continua 

Msc codes:

30C10 30C20 30C62 30C85 31A15 31A20 



I would like to extend an enormous thank you to Vladimir Andrievskii and Fedor Nazarov for providing me with motivation, ideas, and all of their thoughtful and useful feedback.


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