Theta Characteristics of Tropical K4-Curves

  • Melody ChanEmail author
  • Pakawut Jiradilok
Part of the Fields Institute Communications book series (FIC, volume 80)


A K4-curve is a smooth proper curve X of genus 3 over a field with valuation whose Berkovich skeleton Γ is a complete graph on four vertices. The curve X has 28 effective theta characteristics—the 28 bitangents to a canonical embedding—while Γ has exactly seven effective tropical theta characteristics, as shown by Zharkov. We prove that the 28 effective theta characteristics of a K4-curve specialize to the theta characteristics of its minimal skeleton in seven groups of four.

MSC 2010 codes:

14T05 (primary) 14C20 14H45 14H50 (secondary) 



We are grateful to M. Baker, Y. Len, R. Morrison, N. Pflueger, and Q. Ren for generously sharing their ideas on tropical plane quartics developed in the paper [3]. Thanks also to M. Baker, Y. Len, and B. Sturmfels for helpful comments on an earlier version of this paper, and J. Rabinoff for helpful references. We heartily thank M. Manjunath, M. Panizzut, and two anonymous referees for extensive and insightful comments on a previous version of this paper. We also thank W. Stein and SageMathCloud for providing computational resources. MC was supported by NSF DMS-1204278. PJ was supported by the Harvard College Research Program during the summer of 2014.


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