To Resubmit or Not Resubmit and How to Do It

  • Seward B. Rutkove


First the good news: the resubmission of a grant application that was not funded, whether to NIH or a private foundation, is often considerably easier than submitting the application the first time. In fact, it is much, much easier, and it is one reason to strongly consider resubmitting every single grant that fails, even if it requires dramatic reformatting. For NIH, this is due to a recent change in NIH policy, namely, that you can keep resubmitting a grant application even after it fails its “two strikes” policy. It will be judged as a new grant application on the third try, but with each successive application, it will likely continue to improve and hopefully, eventually, reach the point of funding. So let me repeat myself: regardless of the specific grant mechanism, strongly consider a resubmission if your first application did not succeed. It won’t seem nearly as daunting as putting it together in the first place.


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