Writing a Successful Research Paper. II—Revising, Resubmitting, and Post-Acceptance Tasks

  • Seward B. Rutkove


Ok. You have submitted your article and you have patiently been waiting for 6 or 7 or 8 weeks. Then as you working through your emails you suddenly see one pop up from the journal to which you submitted the article. You open the email with understandable tentativeness. As you start to read the response from the journal, you may be surprised to find that the wording is not entirely comprehensible. You were expecting a simple yes or no. But, in fact, there are rarely clear yeses and even a “no” may not mean it is rejected. Thus, one often needs some assistance in interpreting the journal’s decision letter. So that is what we will approach first.


Revising Resubmitting Editing Reviewers Acceptance Rejection Proofs 

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