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We briefly survey the 21 chapters in this book. First, we note that many in the emerging service science community advocate for T-shaped service innovators, with depth and breadth across disciplines, sectors, and cultures (Spohrer and Kwan 2009). Academic disciplines from marketing to operations, from engineering to management, from design to computer science, from human-factors to economics, and more are represented here. In addition, sectors from tourism to education, from retail to transportation by rail, air, and walking, from government to manufacturing, and more are also represented. This book provides an opportunity for members in the service science community from nations around the world to see what service innovation means to leading thinkers from Japan. For example, from a regional and cultural perspective, Chap.  16 provides insights into Japanese culture of service and the challenges of sustainability and scaling of “Shinise,” the shops of long standing, and “Omotenashi,” the unique Japanese mindset of hospitality pervades them.


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