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In bis memoir, Off the Planet, Jerry Linenger expressed no concerns whatsoever with Valeri Korzun and Alexander Kaleri, bis cosmonaut comrades aboard Mir. He had trained and played badminton in Star City with Korzun, wbilst Kaleri “was still on an even keel, psychologically, and continued to work efficiently”, even more than five months into a six-month space mission. Tbe men shared photographs and thoughts of their wives and families and Linenger modelIed bis working day on that of Kaleri: a folIower of strict routine, but by no means a blind slave of the minuteby- minute Form 24 schedule. If repairs became necessary, Kaleri would remain ontask until it was complete, rather than rusbing away to tend to another chore. Exereise was important, twice daily, as was a regular bedtime, to hedge against the difficulty of ascertaining 'day' and 'night' cyc1es when the station was subjected to 16 orbital sunrises and sunsets in each 24-hour period.

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