Laser Processed Photonic Devices

  • Jerome Lapointe
  • Raman KashyapEmail author
Part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences book series (SSOS, volume 189)


The last century was that of electronics; it is now one of photonics. As Richard Feynman (Nobel Prize, 1965) suggested in 1959, “Smaller, Faster, Cheaper” would lead the world, and in many ways he has proven to be correct. Over the past decades, photonics devices and integrated optics have been among the most revolutionary areas of research and advances. Although integrated optics devices are well advanced these days, there is still much to do and most of these components are still expensive to manufacture for mass deployment. In fact, most of these require clean room facilities, as well as several expensive manufacturing steps such as phase mask fabrication or photolithography. This chapter aims at explaining a potential solution to fast manufacturing of cheap integrated optics by laser writing.


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The JL acknowledges support from the Natural Science and Engineering Council of Canada’s Alexander Graham Bell Scholarship for doctoral studies, and RK acknowledges support from the Government of Canada’s Canada Research Chairs program.


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