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I am not a religious person, in the sense of believing in a supreme being who is the ultimate cause of the world we immediately live in, or of the universe at large in which our world is but an extremely tiny part. I am not even a deist. In other words, I am not someone who at least believes in a Creator, while not going so far as to further believe that He/She/It cares about human affairs. In fact, to be up-front about it, I confess to being an agnostic (a polite atheist). For all my readers who are true believers, however, please understand that I am not aggressively hostile about this issue. I don’t think it silly to believe, and I am even willing to admit I could be wrong. I simply haven’t been convinced that I am in error. I almost certainly don’t have to discuss here the difference between being an agnostic and an atheist, but I do like the following illustration of an agnostic, an atheist, and a true believer:


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