Information Technologies as Tools for Studying Complex Processes

  • Ivan V. Sergienko
Part of the Springer Optimization and Its Applications book series (SOIA, volume 78)


The chapter refers to the development of high-performance supercomputer systems, reconfigurable knowledge-oriented computer systems, problem-oriented systems for digital signal processing, computer instrumentation, model-oriented technologies for real-time management of complex technological objects, computer technologies, medico-biological and agroecological computer devices and sensor networks, automation of border and migration control in Ukraine, and creation of situation centers. The development of modern information protection tools in computer technologies, personalization of information, and new Ukrainian mechanically changeable hardware tools to authenticate users of information systems and intelligent mobile devices are also considered. Attention is paid to the information technology of developing the human interface with computer environment in a text, voice, and visual forms.


Global Navigation Satellite System Smart Card Information Security Sign Language Telecommunication System 
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