Supercomputers and Intelligent Technologies in High-Performance Computations

  • Ivan V. Sergienko
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Early 1980s saw the beginning of the development of the new architecture of multiprocessor supercomputers. At the same time, macro-pipeline computing system was developed in Ukraine. The industrial samples of the first multiprocessor computing complex ES-1766 with distributed memory and high efficiency of parallel processes for solving problems were created. In the beginning of the 1980s, macro-pipeline organization of computations led to nearly linear increase in the productivity of computers with increasing number of processors. In subsequent years along with increasing computers productivity, new problems were emerging of their efficient utilization for solving scientific and engineering problems. To overcome them, Institute of Cybernetics developed intelligent technologies of highly efficient computations for cluster architecture supercomputers from SCIT family, developed the class of knowledge-oriented intelligent workstations INPARKOM, implemented grid technologies, and initiated the development of hybrid-architecture computers.


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