Optimizing Therapy of Heart Failure in the Aging Population with Monitoring in Clinics

  • John R. Dimitry
  • Justin A. EzekowitzEmail author


In recent years, the incidence and prevalence of heart failure (HF) has risen to epidemic proportions and has a direct correlation with aging; HF affects <1 % of adults under 50 years of age, but in patients over 80, the prevalence exceeds 10 %. Optimizing heart failure therapy in clinics under the guidance of multidisciplinary management teams has been shown to reduce readmission rates and mortality. Several contemporary randomized trials have shown up to 50 % fewer hospital readmissions with multidisciplinary HF intervention teams versus usual care whoever in the aging population poses unique challenges in management. A multidisciplinary approach and a thorough understanding of cardiology, geriatrics, and internal medicine are necessary. An important consideration often overlooked by healthcare professionals is that heart failure interventions may further contribute to patient frailty and complicate management. In this chapter we discuss the options and considerations for managing elderly patients with heart failure.


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