Data Reconstruction

  • Michael K. Miller
  • Richard G. Forbes


The data produced by atom probe tomography must be processed in order to extract the materials information from the specimen. It is critical that the process is performed with care, as any errors introduced in the reconstruction of the three-dimensional data or interpreting the identity of the atoms can seriously impact the reliability and interpretation of the data. The correct assignment of the atoms in the mass peaks to the appropriate elements is critical, especially with the increasing size of the datasets and complexity of nonmetallic materials with their high proportion of molecular ions. The experimental procedures required to conduct an APT experiment are outlined. The interpretation of the mass-to-charge-state data into elemental identities, the current methods used to process the raw data from the LEAP into 3D information that can be visualized and analyzed, and the assumptions that are made in the reconstruction of the atom coordinates are discussed. The simple methods that are used to test the quality of the data including atoms maps, isosurfaces, and spatial distribution maps are also presented.


Atom Probe Bulk Metallic Glass Local Electrode Field Evaporation Pulse Fraction 
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