The Local Electrode Atom Probe

  • Michael K. Miller
  • Richard G. Forbes


Detailed descriptions of the components of the local electrode atom probe (LEAP) and of its general methods of operation are presented in this chapter. The LEAP is a three-chamber ultrahigh vacuum instrument consisting of a fast-entry airlock, a buffer chamber for temporary storage of specimens and local electrodes, and a spectrometry chamber. The spectrometry chamber accommodates the time-of-flight mass spectrometer, i.e., the specimen, a local electrode, an optional energy-compensating reflectron to improve the mass-resolving power, and a position-sensitive single-ion detector based on crossed delay lines. The flight times are determined by a time-to-digital converter. Timing starts from the field evaporation pulse and stops when ions strike the single-ion detector. The specimen is mounted on a nano-positioning stage, which is used to align the specimen with the aperture in the local electrode.


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