Full-custom Circuit and Layout Design

  • M. J. Morant
Part of the Tutorial Guides in Electronic Engineering book series (TGEE, volume 18)


Studying this chapter should enable you
  • □ To appreciate the limited role of full-custom IC design in industry.

  • □ To understand the stages in full-custom design and why it is so much more expensive than semi-custom design.

  • □ To see how the extra flexibility in logic and circuit design is used in full-custom design and how these stages interact.

  • □ To understand the value of designing the floorplan of an IC to give a regular flow of data and control signals.

  • □ To see the need for circuit simulation in IC design and the features of a simulation package such as SPICE. The importance of accurate SPICE parameters must be appreciated.

  • □ To understand how circuit cells are converted to layout and the need for design rules. The cells and interconnections must fit together to cover the entire active area of the floorplan.

  • □ To appreciate the problems of layout verification.


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