Practical Cell-based IC Design

  • M. J. Morant
Part of the Tutorial Guides in Electronic Engineering book series (TGEE, volume 18)


After studying this chapter you should be able
  • □ To recognize what is meant by ‘good’ design practice.

  • □ To understand the general features of the CAD hardware and software required. An integrated set of CAD tools providing a route to silicon fabrication helps to achieve good design practice.

  • □ To understand the role of cells and cell libraries in the design of semi-custom digital ICs.

  • □ To know what fundamental decisions have to be taken by the design manager before a design project can start.

  • □ To start doing practical design of semi-custom ICs down to the cell level. To understand the role of simulation, and the features of some commonly used CAD packages.

  • □ To appreciate the simplicity of cell placement and autorouting for the completion of semi-custom ICs.


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