CMOS Circuits for Full-custom and Analogue ICs

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Studying this chapter will enable you
  • □ To learn more about static CMOS logic circuits using transistors as switches rather than NAND and NOR gates. The multiplexer and AND-OR-NOT functions become preferred elements in full-custom logic design.

  • □ To understand the principles of dynamic CMOS circuits such as domino logic and their problems and advantages.

  • □ To become aware of the uses for mixed analogue-digital ASICs and of the semi-custom methods of designing them that are the same as for purely digital ICs.

  • □ To appreciate the uses for purely analogue CMOS ICs and, by considering the circuit of a simple CMOS operational amplifier, to find out that analogue design of circuits made entirely of n- and p-channel MOSTs is very similar to bipolar design.


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