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Advised to live longer

Advisory Service of the Gerontology Centre, Semmelweis (University of Medicine, Budapest)
  • István A. Gergely


The Gerontology Centre of the Semmelweis University of Medicine, Budapest, was founded in 1965. In the beginning it functioned as a Research Department of Gerontology and in 1978 became the Gerontology Centre. Practically since its foundation it has been directed by Professor Edit Beregi MD, DMSc, who has been elected as president of the International Association of Gerontology from 1993. The name of the Institute has been brought into repute principally by immunohistological, humoral immunological, intestinal absorption and bone metabolism experiments, longitudinal/follow-up examinations on healthy old people, epidemiological and centenarian studies. These have particularly been aimed at the better understanding of external and internal factors influencing longevity and of risk factors having a part in the development of diseases of old age.


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