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Prevalence and Pattern of Use

  • Norman S. Miller
  • Mark S. Gold
Part of the Drugs of Abuse a Comprehensive Series for Clinicians book series (DOAC, volume 2)


Alcoholism is much more common than most people, including physicians, think. Most people are reluctant to consider that alcoholism is a common disorder because of the peculiar stigma that is attached to it and the tenacious denial attendant to those who have alcoholism and those who do not. Also, the tendency to assign alcoholism to another disorder makes the alcoholism disappear in definitions only to reappear in an atypical or perplexing diagnosis. The medical profession and the public are reluctant to accept that drinking alcohol carries with it significant risk to develop a degree of loss of control over its use. Loss of control leads to myriad adverse consequences that are stereotypical and predictable for alcoholism which make it possible for alcoholism to be diagnosed.


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