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Pediatric aspects of tuberculosis

  • Amin Hakim
  • Joyce R. Grossman


Pediatric infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis can be different from that in adults. In children, symptomatic disease in many organs may occur earlier in the course of infection, with the full spectrum of tuberculosis (TB) seen more often than in adults. As pointed out by Edith Lincoln [1], a modern pioneer in childhood TB, in children one can easily study what Wallgren [2] called the ‘time table of tuberculosis’ with the evolution of disease from overt primary infection to classical reactivation pulmonary disease. In the days of pediatric TB wards, every form of the disease was seen. Although the number of reported pediatric patients is only a small percentage of the total annual cases, adults often represent a reservoir that acquired the infection as children. We regard TB as a childhood disease which can affect adults. This is similar to herpes zoster in adults, occurring as a late manifestation of childhood varicella.


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