DNA-Protein Interactions and Protein-Protein Interactions in Filamentous Bacteriophage Assembly

Implications for Epitope Display
  • Richard N. Perham
  • Donald A. Marvin
  • Martyn F. Symmons
  • Liam C. Welsh
  • Tamsin D. Terry


The virion of the filamentous bacteriophage fd (fl and M13 are very similar strains) is a flexible rod about 1 μm long and 6 nm in diameter, comprising a tubular sheath of approx. 2700 copies of the major coat protein subunit surrounding a DNA core. The DNA is a single-stranded circular molecule of 6408 nucleotides embodying 10 genes; these genes are tightly packed and, in some instances, overlapping, apart from a short region (the intergenic space) which encodes no protein component but which contains a double-stranded helical hairpin loop responsible for initiating assembly of the virion. There are a few copies (about 5) of each of two minor coat proteins at the two ends of the virion: gVIIp and gIXp at the end where assembly is initiated, and glllp and gVIp at the end where the process is terminated [for general reviews, see Model & Russe1,1988; Russel, 1991)].


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  • Donald A. Marvin
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  • Martyn F. Symmons
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  • Liam C. Welsh
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  • Tamsin D. Terry
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  1. 1.Cambridge Centre for Molecular Recognition Department of BiochemistryUniversity of CambridgeCambridgeEngland

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