Medium-Length Vacancy Chains

  • Lawrence T. Pinfield
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Medium-length vacancy chains are here considered to be bundles of three, four, or five related staffing actions. Vacancy chains of this number of sequentially linked person-moves represent a middle range of vacancy chain phenomena, between the minimal vacancy chains comprising one or two person-moves discussed in Chapter 4 and the much longer vacancy chains presented in Chapter 6. Staffing actions in medium-length vacancy chains exhibit a stronger preference for persons already hired than is the case for minimal vacancy chains. In medium-length vacancy chains, each initiating vacancy produced at least two, three, or four further vacancies as a consequence of subsequent staffing choices that preferred candidates from the ILM rather than the ELM. This examination of medium-length vacancy chains therefore builds upon and extends the insights developed from the preceding analysis of minimal vacancy chains. Medium-length vacancy chains are examined for attributes that characterize their role in maintaining ForestCo’s ILM. In the three primary sections of this chapter, medium-length vacancy chains are described in the sequence of three-, four-, and finally five-move sequences of staffing actions.


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