Methods for Assessing Therapeutic Change in Clinical Case Reports

  • Sidney J. Blatt
  • Richard Q. Ford
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A major aspect of the present research is the clinical context in which the treatment was conducted. The Austen Riggs Center, a relatively small, private, intensive, inpatient, open treatment facility, is dedicated to the long-term clinical care of seriously disturbed late adolescents and adults. There is an excellent patient-staff ratio and all patients are seen in intensive psychotherapy at least four times weekly. Considerable attention is also given to the therapeutic community. An extensive array of educational and recreational activities and other support services is provided. In many ways, the Austen Riggs Center approaches the ideal long-term treatment facility; for some time now, throughout the mental health field, it has been considered as offering clinical care of the highest quality. In addition, most patients in the present study came from families of at least middle socioeconomic status and usually had access to reasonable levels of material support both during and following hospitalization. Hospital costs, however, of a significant number of the patients were covered, at least to some degree, by third-party payment.


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