Theoretical and Methodological Issues in the Study of Therapeutic Change

  • Sidney J. Blatt
  • Richard Q. Ford
Part of the Applied Clinical Psychology book series (NSSB)


The clinical research presented in this book was initiated with several goals. First, we sought to assess systematically the effects of the therapeutic process with seriously disturbed patients hospitalized in an intensive, long-term, open inpatient treatment facility that offered psychodynamically informed treatment, including psychotherapy four times weekly.


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    Spiegel and Spiegel (1978) propose a similar distinction in their formulations of Dionysian and Apollonian personality styles. There may also be some correspondence between the differentiation of the anaclitic and introjective personality configurations and psychophysiological observations such as different functions attributed to the two cortical hemispheres (Galin, 1974; McKinnon, 1979) and to cortical versus limbic functions (Lapidus & Schmolling, 1975).Google Scholar

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  • Richard Q. Ford
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  2. 2.Austen Riggs Center, Inc.StockbridgeUSA

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