Haemophilus Somnus: Antigen Analysis and Immune Responses

  • L. B. Corbeil
  • R. P. Gogolewski
  • L. R. Stephens
  • T. J. Inzana


Haemophilus sonrnus causes several disease syndromes in cattle and sheep but is also carried asymptomatically, especially on the genital mucosa. The factors involved in determining whether disease or asymptomatic carriage result are only beginning to be defined. Both host and bacteria contribute to the outcome of the dynamic interaction. To gain some insight into H. sonrnus/host interactions, it is necessary to consider what is known of the disease or asymptomatic conditions seen as well as current information on virulence factors and host immune response. This review constitutes the biased synthesis of the reviewers’ thoughts on available data relative to H. sonrnus infection.


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