Trends in Surface Analysis

  • Graham C. Smith
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The previous six chapters of this book have provided an introduction to the analysis of solid surfaces by the principle methods of practical electron spectroscopy, namely X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and Auger electron spectroscopy. Overviews have been given of the the theoretical background to the techniques, of the kind of experimental apparatus used, and of the means available for extracting information and knowledge from the data produced by the instruments. However, neither of these techniques can yet be thought of as fully mature. A continuous process of improvement and refinement is under way, in the sensitivity, ease of use and range of applicability of the experimental methods, and in the degree of true theoretical understanding underpinning the analysis of the results and the derivation of numerical quantities of interest from them. Trends can be discerned in the direction and likely outcome of these processes. These are discussed in section 7.2 below.


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