Gay Dads

  • Robert L. Barret
  • Bryan E. Robinson


In recent years, the idea of men being more active in the father role has become commonplace. Formerly restricted to being breadwinners, men are learning that they can find much satisfaction as fathers, and it is not uncommon to see fathers awarded primary custody when a divorce occurs (Robinson & Barret, 1986). New on the horizon are the many gay men who are now choosing to be more active and more visible as fathers. It was not very long ago that the idea of a gay man being a father seemed quite strange. Today, as our culture becomes more familiar with the variety of lifestyles within the gay community, many have come to see that gay men can make good dads, too (Barret & Robinson, 1990). This chapter gives the answers to three main questions: Who are gay fathers? How do gay fathers become parents? And how do the children of gay fathers turn out?


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