Fears and Anxiety

  • Robert D. Lyman
  • Toni L. Hembree-Kigin
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Internalizing problems are among the most understudied areas in preschool mental health. The lack of research attention devoted to young children’s fears parallels the tendency of parents to place low priority on treatment of internalizing problems. Fears and phobias in young children have been reported to account for only 5% of all referrals for intervention (Ollendick & Francis, 1988). According to Campbell (1990, p. 66), “Internalizing behaviors are often ignored or not recognized by adults in the child’s environment because they are usually less dramatic and less irritating to others than externalizing symptoms.” Fears are common in very young children, with mothers reporting an average of four to five fears for 2- to 6-year-old children (Jersild & Holmes, 1935).


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