• Robert D. Lyman
  • Toni L. Hembree-Kigin
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It is paradoxical and uniquely frustrating that even as mental health practitioners and educators recognize and emphasize the need for early detection and treatment of mental health problems in children, there is little focus in the research and clinical literature on how to go about doing this. Many practitioners are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with preschoolers, and in the absence of clear guidelines in the literature, often advise parents to “wait and see if the problems continue,” thus squandering the opportunity for intervention at a time when it may be maximally effective. It is hoped that this volume can provide guidance in the assessment and treatment of mental health problems in preschoolers and, therefore, help practitioners with timely and appropriate intervention. Before we address individual disorders and syndromes that occur in preschool populations, however, it is important to discuss the necessity of considering preschool behavior within a developmental context.


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