Differential Sintering

  • Claudia P. Ostertag


Most sintered products are inhomogeneous when formed into green compacts. Inhomogeneities in a green compact, such as areas of different density or particle size, typically sinter at different rates than the host powder and therefore, influence the sintering body in several ways. Most importantly, stresses develop in association with the differential shrinkage characteristics of the inhomogeneity relative to its surroundings. In some instances, the stresses are of sufficient magnitude and duration that crack-like damage forms during the sintering cycle 1.The paper discusses an extreme example of differential sintering, namely, the sintering of fiber-reinforced composites.


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  • Claudia P. Ostertag
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  1. 1.Ceramics DivisionNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyGaithersburgUSA

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