The Infatuation with the Group

Conversion and Social Influence
  • Chana Ullman
Part of the Emotions, Personality, and Psychotherapy book series (EPPS)


Linda is a Jewish woman who became a devout Christian at the age of 20. Her religious turnabout occurred in the midst of a typical, though unusually intense adolescent struggle. When she left home for the first time to go to college, she felt overwhelmed and bewildered by the lack of structure in her life and by the perils of impending sexual involvements:

There was increasing confusion, maybe about what my place in the world was, the alternatives in college were so broad, drugs and lots of men. You know, all of a sudden going out with lots of guys and the choices of sexual involvement and being easily influenced... all that presented a lot of confusing choices and I was not very happy with the choices I made.


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