Family Therapy

  • Margaret E. Backman


The literature on family therapy with the physically ill includes family systems approaches as well as family and couples counseling (Burr, Good, & Del Veccio-Good, 1978; Huberty, 1974; Moore & Chaney, 1985; Thompson & Thompson, 1985). Some of the work has focused on families trying to cope with the illness of a child (e.g., Binger et al., 1969; Grant, 1978; Minuchin et al., 1975; Power & Del Orto, 1980; Turk, 1964). And others have focused on vocational issues, such as helping those with chronic conditions maintain job stability (e.g., epilepsy, Earl, 1986). There is a dearth of empirical data, however, on the effectiveness of family therapy with the physically ill, although clinical experience and anecdotal accounts in the literature suggest that including the family in counseling and information sessions can be beneficial to both the patient and the family members.


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