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History, Boundaries, and Ideological Conflict

The Council Meeting and the Training Meeting
  • Helen B. Schwartzman


At Midwest, everyone remembered his or her history by placing events in the context of what was viewed as a particularly important meeting or series of meetings:

Well, by the time I came to work here [it] was after the investigation committee. I was on the investigation committee as a council member, it was after that craziness, that’s about all that was after, everything else came after that.


See I kind of date things from the beginning to the investigation committee. The investigation committee is of April ’73, if I remember right, and then you’ve got the investigation committee to the whatever you want to call it, the contract squabble, beginning which is roughly May, June ’74, and then you’ve got the contract squabble which is May, June ’74 to January ’75. Then you’ve got the era of Paul Chase which is now starting to fall a little bit more into place and everything was pretty much hunky-dory up to the investigation committee.


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