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Algorithms for Evidence Accumulation

  • Takashi Matsuyama
  • Vincent Shang-Shouq Hwang
Part of the Advances in Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence book series (ACVM)


As we have described in Chaper 2, the SIGMA image understanding system consists of three cooperating reasoning modules plus the Question and Answer Module (QAM). The Geometric Reasoning Expert (GRE) performs evidence accumulation for spatial reasoning and constructs the interpretation of the scene. Often, GRE generates hypotheses about undiscovered objects and initiates the top- down verification analysis. A hypothesis is passed to the Model Selection Expert (MSE), which reasons about the most likely appearance of the object. Then, the description of the expected appearance is given to the Low-Level Vision Expert (LLVE), which verifies/refutes its existence in the image.


Object Class Situation Lattice Spatial Reasoning Object Instance Composite Hypothesis 
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  • Vincent Shang-Shouq Hwang
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