Environmental Protection Agency Actions to Stimulate Use of Biotechnology for Pollution Control and Cleanup

  • Marcia E. Williams
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In the period 1982 to 1983, when Rita Lavelle and Anne Gorsuch were in charge, the EPA lost a lot of credibility. We may never regain the credibility that everybody believed we had in 1970 when the Agency started. I think one of the reasons that we had that credibility in the early years, as Bill Ruckelshaus noted, was that the problem was a lot simpler back then. Everybody knew what they wanted the EPA to do: clean up the worst air and water problems. The EPA had a single identity and problems that it could do something about, and people could see the results. It could be done in a way that was overburdened cost-wise, yet no terrible uproar was heard over the economic side of things during that period.


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