Low Temperature Linear Dichroism Study of the Orientation of the Pigments in Reduced and Oxidized Reaction Centers of Rps. viridis and Rb. sphaeroides

  • J. Breton
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 149)


Since the crystal structure of reaction centers (RCs) from purple photosynthetic bacteria has been solved (1–3) one of the important issue in relating this structure to its primary function is to assign the contribution that each of the six individual pigments seen in the model makes to the various absorption bands observed in the absorption spectrum of these RCs. The relevance of this problem, which is tackled both experimentally and theoretically, is twofold: on one hand this assignment is essential in order to interpret unambiguously the results of the femtosecond and picosecond absorbance changes involved in the initial steps of electron transfer. On the other hand if the absorption properties of the RC can be correctly calculated using a non-phenomenological model, the energy levels of the various states which can be calculated by such a theory will give a better description of the mechanisms of the initial step of charge separation (Parson et al., this volume).


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