The Occurrence of Muscle Spindles in Relation to the Architecture of the Connective Tissue in the Lateral Cubital Region of the Rat

  • J. C. van der Wal
  • J. Drukker


In earlier investigations into the functional significance of the architecture of muscle and connective tissue in the lateral cubital region of the rat, one of the main architectural features found in the area, is the presence of an “epicondylar connective(-muscle) tissue complex” (van der Wal et al., 1984). This complex consists of several connective tissue layers, converging towards the lateral humeral epicondyle, of which the deepest are part of the (peri)articular connective tissue. The main part of the muscle fascicles of the superficial Extensor muscles and the Supinator muscle are inserting to this structure. The complex may be considered as a functional “entity” via which a.o. tensile stresses are conveyed towards the lateral humeral epicondyle and in which the muscle and connective tissue function in an in series situation. This view challenges the usual ideas e.g. about guiding of forces, since the usual concept — that the muscle tissue is organized in a parallel relation to the capsular connective tissue structures — obviously seems not to be correct.


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  • J. C. van der Wal
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  • J. Drukker
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  1. 1.Department of Anatomy and EmbryologyUniversity of LimburgMaastrichtThe Netherlands

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