Anodic SiO2 for Low Temperature Gate Dielectrics

  • Keyvan Sayyah


Electrical properties of anodic SiO2 grown at room temperature and annealed at 450℃ have been shown to closely approach those of thermal SiO2. Midgap interface state densities in the low-1010 cm−2.eV−1. oxide surface charge at flatband in the low-1010 cm−2. average breakdown fields in excess of 10 MV/cm. and do resistivities above 1016 Ω.cm at 1MV/cm have been measured. The oxide surface charge at flatband is thickness dependent. The dependence of electrical and structural properties on various annealing conditions will be discussed.


Interface State Thermal Oxide Anodic Oxide Grown Thermal Oxide Breakdown Field 
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