Carbonic Anhydrases in the Kidney

  • Susanna J. Dodgson


There have been several recent excellent reviews in which localization of the carbonic anhydrase (CA) (carbonate hydro-lyase; EC isozymes throughout the mammalian nephron have been considered. These include histochemical studies by Ridderstråle’s technique,32 which have mapped the CA activity throughout the nephron,21,22 immunohistochemical studies,19 and functional studies in which the membrane-bound CA IV is considered in regulation of acid-base balance and H+ secretion.13 Several laboratories have reported the absence of CA activity in renal papilla; however, recently it has been reported that inner medullary collecting duct cells from rat papilla in culture have CA activity equivalent per milligram of protein to the activity in erythrocytes.2 The CA inhibitors and their uses in the renal clinic and laboratory have been reviewed recently.30


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