Optimizing Dose-Intensity: Combining Carboplatin with Cisplatin

  • F. M. Muggia
  • I. Gill


The rationale advanced by Trump et al1 in combining cisplatin with carboplatin included 1) the potential for less than complete cross-resistance, 2) the relative absence of overlapping toxicities, and 3) the recognized steep dose-response curve for platinum analogues. In their Phase I trial, they were able to give 50 mg/m2 of cisplatin with 400 mg/m2 of carboplatin to ‘good risk’ patients; the drugs being given as sequential 20-minute infusions. However, attempt at escalating the dose of cisplatin to 75 mg/m2 (given as 25 mg/m2 × 3d) was followed by severe thrombocytopenia in 2 of 3 patients receiving only 280 mg/m2 of carboplatin and who had tolerated carboplatin given alone in the preceding cycle.


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