Cisplatin Dose-intensity in Testicular Cancer Treatment: Analysis of a Randomized Clinical Trial

  • Craig R. Nichols
  • Stephen D. Williams
  • Patrick J. Loehrer
  • Lawrence H. Einhorn


The hypothesis that larger dose-time quotients of chemotherapy result in improved therapeutic outcome is firmly fixed in modern oncologic thought and practice. This hypothesis has enjoyed currency not only for the intuitive “rightness” of the concept, but based on the results of carefully conducted retrospective analysis of clinical trials which often demonstrate superior outcome in patients receiving more dose-intensive treatments. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of randomized prospective trials adequately testing this hypothesis.


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  • Stephen D. Williams
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  • Patrick J. Loehrer
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  • Lawrence H. Einhorn
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  2. 2.Indianapolis Veterans Administration HospitalUSA
  3. 3.Indiana University HospitalIndianapolisUSA

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