Pharmacokinetics of Carboplatin in Children and the Development of a Paediatric Dose Equation

  • A. H. Calvert
  • D. R. Newell
  • K. Balmanno
  • A. D. Pearson
  • L. Price
  • M. Kier


Since carboplatin first underwent clinical evaluation in 19811 it has established itself as important alternative to cisplatin. The most important advantage of carboplatin is that it has reduced non-haematological toxicities compared to cisplatin. The serious dose-limiting toxicities of cisplatin, nephrotoxicity and peripheral neuropathy, are virtually absent when conventional doses of carboplatin are used. Other toxicities such as emesis, ototoxicity and electrolyte loss are also reduced2.


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  • K. Balmanno
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  • A. D. Pearson
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  • L. Price
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